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Market & Johnson’s Special Projects Division is dedicated to addressing the needs of smaller construction projects and finding cost-effective solutions.
This team of experienced construction professionals is dedicated and committed exclusively to smaller projects. Our focus on budget, organization and coordination of smaller projects allows us to effectively provide turnkey solutions at a very competitive rate.
The Special Projects Division supervises a wide variety of operations including maintenance, warranty work and small remodeling projects. We strive to control costs, stay within budget and complete projects in a timely manner.

  • Remodeling
    • ADA Restroom Upgrades
    • White Box and Build-outs For Retail Space
    • Door and Window Replacement
    • Office Spaces
  • Emergency Repairs
    • Car Damage
    • Water Infiltration
    • Door and Window Replacement
    • Vandalism
  • Concrete Work
    • Removal and Replacement
    • Sidewalks and Drives
    • Equipment Bases
  • Steel Work
    • Stairs and Landings
    • Equipment and Process Area Catwalks
    • Guard Posts and Rails
  • Equipment Moving
    • Critical Lift Planning
    • Coordination of Required Equipment
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance
  • Masonry Work & Restoration
  • Budgeting & Cost Analysis
  • Assistance with Design & Permitting
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