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Senior Living

We’re building better care and quality of life. Today’s senior living facilities offer senior residents comfortable settings with home-like aesthetics. They incorporate areas for activities, health and wellness, new dining models, and more privacy for daily living activities—while still providing a wide range of safety features. The Market & Johnson team is experienced in the construction needs of senior living facilities. We are up-to-date on life safety and construction codes, and the (DHS) Department of Health Services regulations. Our pre-construction services (pre-planning, cost evaluations, and plan reviews) will assist in developing the most costeffective project while ensuring that construction and life safety codes are met and the project schedule is streamlined.


M&J has truly been a great partner over the last 18 years. We couldn’t imagine doing a major building project with anyone else!

Heather Sheehan
Vice President - Hayward Area Memorial Hospital and Water’s Edge

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