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Eau Claire County Jail & Courthouse
Eau Claire, WI

Market & Johnson has worked on many projects for Eau Claire County over the years. We built the original Courthouse/Jail, added on to that facility, and also remodeled office space to create the Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

Our firm most recently remodeled the courthouse and completed the new Eau Claire County Jail. The state-of-the-art facility has four different sections or pods, and separate blocks to allow for separation. The one-way mirrored glass separates the cells from the control pod, allowing staff to see into every area, housing space and cell, but inmates cannot see out. Each pod has a control center, and the maximum security control center is locked off from floor to ceiling. There is also a special needs pod, to safely hold inmates with violent behaviors or anyone with mental health issues.


Construction Manager

General Building Contractor


- Owner: Eau Claire County

- Architect: Venture Architects

- Size: 87,350 sq. ft.

- Start Date: April 2011

- Completion Date: January 2012