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Northern Clearing
Ashland, WI

The Northern Clearing project is a replacement facility for NCI’s headquarters. The building is 30,800 sq. ft., of which 11,600 sq. ft. is office area and 19,200 sq. ft. is shop space. The shop area is segregated in multiple bays for the owner to perform maintenance on their large fleet of equipment. The bays include pick-up and ATV repair, heavy equipment, welding, and semi-truck repair. The building is comprised of structural exterior metal studs with wood trusses at the office area and precast wall panels with bar joists in the shop area.


Construction Manager

General Contractor


- Owner: Northern Clearing Inc.

- Architect: River Valley Architects

- Size: 30,800 sq. ft.

- Start Date: October 2016

- Completion Date: June 2017