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EO Johnson
Eau Claire, WI

EO Johnson’s 21,740 square foot addition and remodel to the existing Eau Claire facility was completed in November 2017. The project included a 6,000 square foot addition for a reception area, managed IT area, and demonstration and presentation areas, as well as a 4,000 square foot addition for parts and warehousing. All existing spaces were remodeled and updated to current finishes and functions. 


Market & Johnson has always been one of the PREMIER partners of EO Johnson Business Technologies. Since building our new facility in 2000 and then expanding in 2017, there has never been a doubt that they would exceed our expectations. What I appreciate the most, is their teamwork from the top down. Highly recommend M&J!!

Dave Johnson
EO Johnson Business Technologies

Construction Manager

General Building Contractor


- Owner: EO Johnson

- Architect: Cedar Corp.

- Size: 21,740 sq. ft.

- Start Date: May 2016

- Completion Date: February 2017