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Eau Claire, WI

JAMF Software’s new office building located near Phoenix Park in Eau Claire has four levels, plus a penthouse and a partial basement. The precast structure with stone/masonry exterior is an environmentally friendly facility that was built mostly from recycled materials and features power saving and energy efficient fixtures and appliances throughout the facility. The interior is modern and utilizes several shared spaces for employees to allow for a more social work environment; the building will prime use is for writing/designing software for Apple. The fourth level has an outdoor covered balcony with amazing views of Phoenix Park and the Chippewa River.


On one project we weren’t quite sure that we could afford the quality of Market & Johnson, so we priced out some other options based on recommendations from an expert in the field that we had received. The thing we found when we priced things outside of M&J, is that the quotes that we received were not as complete, they were not as inclusive. So by the time we added back in all the things M&J knows they need to take care of, we really weren’t going to save money by going with a company that didn’t offer the quality M&J does.

Julia Johnson
Pablo Properties

Construction Manager


- Owner: Pablo Properties

- Architect: Ayres Associates

- Size: 72,350 sq. ft.

- Start Date: July 2013

- Completion Date: August 2014