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Nordson EDI
Chippewa Falls, WI

Market & Johnson constructed Nordson EDI’s new 117,500 square foot manufacturing and 27,000 square foot office facility. The structure consists of structural steel and precast construction, including a two-story modern office area. Included in the manufacturing area are elaborate equipment foundations with multiple elevations, pits, and trenches in each, 17 overhead cranes, two free-standing cranes, and applicable plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. The site consists of parking, a separate truck entrance/exit, loading docks, as well as graded and prepared areas for future expansion.


Construction Manager

General Building Contractor


- Owner: Lakland Drive, LLC
c/o Commonweal Development

- Architect: River Valley Architects

- Size: 144,000 sq. ft.

- Start Date: August 2018

- Completion Date: August 2019